What is BaiBan?


BaiBan is a Moroccan brand created by a young Moroccan woman who loves creating jewelry that empowers and brings happiness to others people's lives. The brand handmade produces and sells high-quality jewelry from high materials like 925 sterling silver and 18k solid gold and uses natural and labored stones on each piece depending on the story behind the design.


The real meaning behind the name is that BaiBan, could be defined as either door in Arabic or a white canvas in Chinese, and that's what we wanted the brand to reflect. BaiBan The fresh start and the entrance to the new area for the Moroccan dream or, in other words, BaiBan the Moroccan dream!


The goal behind this company was to make the Moroccan know-how known worldwide and to be able to give a chance to anyone of any age group the opportunity to carry high-end jewelry handmade in Morocco at a fair price and to mix the shopping experience with the giving experience. Thus, allowing them to own a piece created especially for them while also helping other people simultaneously. As with BaiBan the project, 5% off each order directly goes to fund several series of charity acts.


The desire behind BaiBan was to give a chance to every person, regardless of who they are, their social class, or their moral or financial state, of being able to offer themselves a piece of jewelry as a gift for themselves or for their loved ones at any given time while changing the lives of other people as well.



"This is our Moroccan dream!"



From the BaiBan's team.